Trivia Night at the Torch Lake Cafe | Win $50 / $25 prizes / Merch | Mon Feb 19 at 7:30 PM


TRIVIA NIGHT at the Torch Lake Cafe! Grab your (Smart) friends and be at the Cafe at 7:30 on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month - begins Monday February 19th. Trivia is hosted by Andrew Evans with amazing prizes awarded! 1st place team receives a $50 gift card, 2nd place team receives a $25 gift card and the 3rd place team gets a TLC pint mug! Make sure you come hungry and thirsty as Monday is PIZZA and BEER night at the Cafe - All specialty pizzas are only $15, One Topping pizzas are only $10 and pitchers of domestic beer are only $10! See you Monday, Feb. 19th at 7:30 at the Cafe with your useless trivia knowledge!!!

The Jon Archambault Band | Live at the Torch Lake Cafe | Thur Dec 28 | 9:00 PM - Close

Jon Archambault Band.jpg

The Jon Archambault (R-Sham-Bo) Band brings together some of Northern Michigan's premier musicians!

Combining elements of blues, jazz, funk, classic rock & roll, and instrumental music, the band's technical virtuosity and improvisational style keeps each performance fresh and exciting.

Each attention grabbing performance is charged with music that stirs the soul. Audiences experience timeless classics cast in a new light, and fresh, new original music that makes it clear you're listening to accomplished musicians performing in their prime.